A computer user can be tricked or forced into downloading software onto a computer that is of malicious intent. Such software comes in many forms, such as

  • Malware, viruses, Trojan horses
  • the botnet, Computer Viruses, Computer Worms
  • Ransom-ware,Scare-ware,Spyware
  • denial-of-service attack [DOS]
  • Phishing


Our Internet security suite is a one-stop destination for all internet security requirements covering Antivirus, Malware protection, Spam-ware protection, Site/Ad/Parental control/block, Applocker, PC Optimization, Firewall, Virtual Private Network Access and value-added services like personal cloud storage space for backups, Remote tech support and  additional services on demand.

You may visit our Security Portal to download both Windows and MAC versions here:

Our Asystguard security suite is available for Desktops[Windows, Mac & Linux flavors], Smart Mobile devices[Android, iPhone/Ipad,]and Endpoint security.

Users have a choice of plans to select to suit their needs which is the SaaS-based solution with ease of user experience. We have employed secure Cloud services like Azure/AWS/Rackspace with Edge based CDN network for seamless streaming of data across the globe with Spark Big data analytic’s with Machine  Learning algorithms for malicious codes with State of art Sandbox tools,

We also have plans, for Affiliates, MSP’s, ISV’s including White label program, wherein our vendors can customize the product and solutions to their branding requirements.

We also have Enterprise Security solutions like Firewall[AsystNGFireguard], DNS Manager[AsystNGDNSguard], Gateway Security solutions like SOA/XML security Gateways for Encryption, E-mail Gateways for Network security at Node level for E-mail filtering, Web filtering, DNS filtering and Anti-Phishing solutions.

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