Apogee Tech Global is a Product and Service-oriented technology organization with a focus on Mobile to Cloud development services for the international marketplace. We have our corporate Office in Utah, North America, and offices in Canada, UK & Asia regions.
Apogee Tech Global follows strict engineering discipline to create software products & services. We follow SDLC core processes & practices related to estimation, requirements development, functional architecture and design, code development, testing, documentation, release, and Support with a product & Service oriented approach.

Products & Services

Apogee Tech Global follows Agile software development methods to accelerate time to market and keep in sync with customer demands. Agile development is driven by a vision to achieve business value and fosters better teamwork resulting in increased productivity, higher quality, and responding more rapidly to market demands.


Apogee Tech Global works on cutting-edge technologies to architect and create scalable, future-proof, and out-of-the-box solutions. The new technology platforms we are actively working on are given below.

Focus Area

IOT Development & Services, Cyber Security & Consulting Services,
Mobile Development & Services, Big Data & Analytics Services,
Machine & Deep Learning Services, Cloud Development & Deployment